SALES LINE 0121 233 4053


SALES LINE 0121 233 4053


Please note as we sell in wholesale quantities direct to trade we do not accept refunds once goods have been shipped.

If you have received a faulty product or there is a problem with your delivery then the first thing you must do is report it to the driver (where possible) and report it back to us within 14 days of ordering. Any requests made after 14 days will not be processed.

To notify us please call firstly on 0121 233 4053.

Any defective or incorrect goods will be reviewed by us where possible via camera (such as WhatsApp or Facetime) then we will request goods to be sent back to us in their original packed order condition.

We take our quality control very seriously so any issues reported back to us will be dealt with in a swift manner to avoid problems to you. We will also do a full investigation to determine how the problem was caused and ensure it does not happen again.

All reports will be dealt with on a case by case basis.